What are the best Christmas gifts this year?

When it comes to Christmas gifts, most people think of retail. But it’s better to order your gifts online. What’s the hottest new toy or gadget?  We will let you know!

Many companies send out gifts to their clients or customers each year and it’s
just as important for them to be up on hot trends as is it for people buying gifts for
their friends at the local mall.

Here are some ideas for products that are going to be very hot this holiday season
and can also be imprinted with your logo.

• Tablet/iPad Cases – As various tablets become more and more popular, there
is a huge need for cases to store and protect them. By giving your customers a
promotional iPad case, chances are pretty high that they will use it, thusly seeing
your logo on a daily basis.

• Stylus Pens – For companies that need to go with a more budget-friendly item, the
stylus pen is the way to go. Most people have a smartphone nowadays and by using
a stylus, it’s not only easier to type, but they’ll avoid scratches and smudges.

• Apparel. Long gone are the days of dowdy promotional apparel. Now you can have
your logo imprinted on some very fashion-forward pieces, inspired by retail and
runway trends.

• Elmo and Furby – These toys are always popular year after year.

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